What Is Mental Health? Discussing Its ultimate affects and cure in 2024

Introduction ;

We don’t focus on an important subject like “What is mental health?” so, in response every 15 minutes someone dies from competing suicide, that’s roughly thirty-five thousand (35,000) suicides each year. That’s twice as many people that die from traffic fatalities in a year. So, what is happening? Well, roughly 90% of the suicides are related to mental health illnesses. The World Health Organization (WHO) define health as;

“Mental health is a state of mental well-being that enables people to cope with the stresses of life, realize their abilities, learn well and work well, and contribute to their community. “

Mental well-being is the part of definition of health. So, why are we so timid around this topic? In our daily lives we can see many people are going for physical health checkups every once in a while just to make sure they are okay physically healthy.

Then, why people don’t care about mental health? The idea of therapy session is still awkward for lots of people but this is necessary. We should be more vocal about mental health being and we should be aware of things happening in our mind.

This is a difficult topic to discuss; this is why global mental health professionals work to address, they want to break the stigma around mental health to decrease the burden of global burden of disease due to mental and neurological disorders and to improve over all well-being of people.

In the US, the National Alliance on Mental Illness assesses that just about 1 out of 5 grown-ups experience emotional well-being issues every year.In 2020, an expected 14.2 million adultsTrusted Source in the U.S., or around 5.6%, had a serious mental condition, as per the Public Establishment of Emotional well-being (NIMH).

What is mental health?

Feeling emotions like sadness, anger, frustration and fear are all what makes us human. But, if you, you child, or any one around you is experiencing intense negative emotions that are impacting his/her life, It means he/she should seek professional psychological help.

Mental health is just like the battery health of your phone, your phone works efficiently in a prolonged way if its battery health is above 90%. That’s why many phone experts suggest buying IPhone whose battery health is above 85%. So, you have to make sure your mind is healthy so you can do your best, work more effectively and live your life at the fullest.

So, going back to the original topic “what is mental health?”;
“Mental well-being is key to our capacity to think, feel, learn, work, construct significant connections and add to the world. Mental health implies something other than a shortfall of mental issues. It is a significant part and underpinning of everybody’s general wellbeing and prosperity. “

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What is mental health illness?

Mental issues are conditions that unfavorably influence your reasoning, state of mind, conduct, and sentiments. They might be incidental or ongoing (durable). They can influence your capacity to work and to connect with others.

Mental illnesses manifest in numerous ways. Some are gentle and just meddle in restricted ways while other mental ailments may seriously affect somebody’s capacity to work in connections, at work, and in different parts of daily existence. Some are serious to such an extent that an individual might require hospitalization.

What affect mental health?

Every human has its own will power and strength. Every person has its own weak points. There are several reasons that can contribute to a person’s mental health illness. Some of these factors are given below;

  • Access use of technology.
  • Family history or genetics.
  • Past trauma specially child trauma.
  • Stress or abuse history.
  • Drugs and alcohol addiction.
  • Staying in isolation.
  • Hormones, chemical imbalance.
  • Not expressing enough feelings.

How to cure mental health illnesses?

As a person who has been through severe depression even when I didn’t even knew the word depression itself. I must say nothing is effective as long as you are committed to make yourself better. The only purpose of talking about mental health is because I know how it feels and how the difficulties our loved ones have to face because of our illness.

So, let’s break it down into some steps and look at the details;

I must say this is the most important part of a mental health treatment. You must accept what has happened to you and just try to live with that. Don’t go into “Why this happened?” or “Why only me?” because everyone has its own battles you should not compare yourself with others and accept the defeat, betrayal or anything thing that is causing your illness.

Open your heart:
You should try to do what you think is right. Well, it might not sound helpful but you know what is affecting your mental health illness and your body knows what is the cure just follow your instinct.

For example, if you know you are being loved but still you isolate yourself into thinking you are not, than all you have to do is look around and see the love. Open your heart and let the heart wander into the abyss of love.

Well, I suggest meditation mostly as first step but you must accept your illness otherwise you will not feel the positive energy of mediation at the fullest. You can do mediation by following YouTube tutorials and just be invincible.

Learn psychology:
The most important thing is you should know the working of human effects and the effect of psychology. The more you learn the more strong minded you will become.


Mental is very common now days and so is the suicide but talking mental health is not very common. We should be vocal about our problems just as much vocal we are to criticism. We should work on our mental health, we should analyze the shortcomings we have and try to be the better person even if the world is cruel to you.
Work with will and try reading books. Learn more about psychology and become a new you.

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